The Lock icon in the interface is not working properly


I hope the lock icon in the interface is meant to lock a particular object. But in axure 9 it is not working that way. When i tried right clicking the element and choose for “Locking > Lock location and size” , its working correctly.

The lock icon between the width and height in the toolbar ribbon is meant to indicate the proportional aspect ratio is locked.

I kind of like the notion of a similar lock between the X an Y location to lock the placement. I wonder if Axure has considered or tested this. I could also imagine it could create confusion. Nevertheless, you could request this feature by emailing

Thank you so much @mbc66. It was really confusing for me because in axure7 and 8 they have one lock icon to lock the location and size. And for locking proportional aspect ratio they had one link icon. It will be really difficult for the user to understand this change in icon’s functionality when they are familiar with the previous versions of axure.

Actually, you can get the Lock and Unlock icons on the toolbar. I kind of forgot about this, but you can right-click on the toolbar and add/move/remove icons to customize it.