The problem of preview page

windows 10 PC

The design page is inconsistent with the preview page.

The design page

the preview page

Hi wisdom,

Hmm, I wasn’t able to reproduce this from a simple test. Could you share the RP file here so that I could take a closer look? Please also let me know the browser you’re using to preview, and whether you see this in all browsers. Thanks!

Oh, no
I found this problem only occurs in Chinese.

I am not sure whether the Axure team is willing to optimize for Chinese users

test.rp (47.1 KB)

Another serious bug:
The page(index.html) is not loaded after generating HTML files with using Microsoft Edge.

In China, 90% of product managers are using Axure.

Hi wisdom,

Thanks for the test file! I was able to reproduce the same overflowing text behavior when previewing your page (in Axure RP 8 as well), and I’ve filed a ticket with our QA team.

As for the Microsoft Edge issue, we received your email about this, and we’ll be corresponding through that channel to further troubleshoot. Thanks!