The selected items from the first field would be removed

I have done the best I can to understand repeaters, with some luck, but now I have an issue.

I have a repeater where the user can enter multiple lines of text into a field and it populates on the repeater. The user can then select one or more of the entered text fields and the chosen text would populate up in another repeater on the same page. From there, the selected items from the first field would be removed. Furthermore, all selected items would show up on future pages as a global variable.

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It is not clear what your actual issue is. What is working and what is not working in your prototype?

It would be great if you could post your .rp file here to let us know just what you are trying to do. Your explanation is a little hard to follow without some examples.

So you have two repeaters, Repeater A and Repeater B. Repeater A has a single Text Area widget in each row, correct? When you say “it populates on the repeater” what do you mean? By default, text entered into a Text Area widget would be shown as it gets entered (typed or pasted). Is there some other means of “populating” you had in mind?

How does a row in Repeater A get selected? Checkbox? Button? Does the selection automatically trigger the copy to Repeater B, or (as you say) if multiple items first selected, then how does the copy action happen? Button outside the repeaters?

When you say, “all selected items would show up on future pages…” is that only selected items from Repeater A which have not been copied to Repeater B (otherwise, once copied they are deleted, right?) or do you mean that everything in Repeater B is available in a global variable?

You can easily add rows to Repeater B upon an action in Repeater A (or button outside Repeater A) and fill in content from the repeater cell in Repeater A. You can also remove rows from Repeater A. This would handle your first two requirements.

If you have one global variable in mind, you will need to parse it, separating your fields with a character or string (e.g. a semi-colon or slash char) then do some substring parsing on those “future pages” to access specific fields. Either that, or create enough global variables to handle all your entered fields. Either way, you will be limited in the amount of text/data you can carry over via global variables.

Again, best if you can post your .rp file to let me and others in the forums better help you.

Is this a text area that allows line breaks? Is each line intended to be a separate repeater row? Are all the lines concatenated into a single row? Need more details.

What other text fields? You only mentioned one on your previous sentence. Where are these and what do they do, exactly? Populate how? Each line in a row in the new repeater? Isn’t this second repeater just a copy of the first? If not, how so?

Not clear in context of the previous sentences and appears to contradict what you’ve said, but I assume I’m just not understanding it correctly.

As mbc66 stated, I think you’re going to need to share an example file or very clear and detailed requirements if you want any help.