This Page Using HTTPS Cannot Load HTTP Link


One of my clients received the above error. Please help!

Not sure how to resolve this issue one of my clients is seeing. I’m not able to reproduce the error on any of the following browsers:

  • Google Chrome version 78.0.3904.108
  • Microsoft Edge version 44.18362.449.0
  • Opera version 65.0.3467.48
  • Firefox version 70.0.1

I went to resolve the issue on a test site that was using HTTP and added an SSL certificate to support HTTPS. Will have to report in tomorrow to check if it got resolved for my client.

Why am I not seeing this error on my browsers but someone else is?

Any suggestions welcome!

Hi Josh,

Hmm to confirm is the URL an HTTPS URL hosted on Axure Cloud, an the widget in question that is failing to load is an iframe linking to an HTTP site? As far as why they get the error and you don’t, are you both viewing the prototype the same way (e.g. sidebar opened vs closed, or viewing in If you’re still running into the issue now then if you would send over the problematic URL to along with more information on what workspace settings you may have configured for that project’s workspace in legacy Axure Share (under “Configure Security”) then that would help to better assist!

The URL was an HTTPS URL hosted on Axure Cloud. The iFrame URL was HTTP. the iFrame URL has since been changed to HTTPS and appears to have resolved the issue.

Pretty sure they were viewing with the sidebar as was I.

It makes sense that Axure moves to HTTPS only support, so whatever the discrepancy was it seems to have been solved by using HTTPS.

Aha, thanks for the clarification! It’s odd that they saw the messaging but you didn’t, but I’m glad to hear that making the linked URL HTTPS cleared it up on both ends.

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