To recreate a minimap on Axure


I would like to recreate a minimap on my prototype. I have a smaller view of the entire page on the right side and upon dragging that smaller view, it will trigger the window to scroll following how I dragged along the smaller view.

I have managed to do the scroll upon clicking on the smaller view but not sure if it is possible to make it scrollable. Draggable to trigger window scroll.rp (76.1 KB)

Thank you!

When you say “scrollable”, I’m assuming you mean when you drag the “window” in the mini-map you want the main content to scroll. You can do it by utilizing a “floating anchor”.

Put a shape with no fill color inside the dynamic panel you want to scroll. Set its OnMove event to “Scroll to This (y only)”. Then set the mini-map window’s OnDrag to move the floating anchor by [[DragY * {some number)]]. The “(some umber)” is the tricky part. You’ll have to play around with how the movement of the smaller window scales to the full page.

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Hey huban,

Thanks! I have found the way through your suggestion and solved it!

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