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Hello everyone,

I am new to the community, this is my first post. I created my first interaction - toggle between tabs. I would appreciate it someone can help me to check the interaction and see if I did right in logic. Is there any better way to have that effect?

ToggleTaps.rp (49.2 KB)

Here are the logic:

  1. When click Tab 1, show Rectangle 1 and hide Rectangle 2;
  2. When click Tab 2, show Rectangle 2 and hide Rectangle 1;
  3. Tab 1 and Rectangle 1 is selected by default;

-------Additional question----
As you see, when a tab button is selected, it’s top border turn red. Is that possible to change the left and right border with different style? Different color or line weight for instance.

Thank you all, I am so glad to be a member here!


The Dynamic Panel is your friend for such cases :slight_smile:
Have a look.

ToggleTabs.rp (56.2 KB)

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On your additional questions:

I don’t think you can use different stylings for the border of the same widget, except by using shadows.
For example a border for left and right and a inner shadow without a blur for the shadow at the bottom.

Cheers Philipp

Thank you so much @Zuvala Your reply is helpful and I really appreciate it. I am totally new to Axure RP and I just read this article to understand what Dynamic Panel is and how it works. Now I know how it works and to use the widget. Thank you again!

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