Toggle between the ability to Isolate Selection Groups

Each row in my repeater-table has checkbox and an arrow for opening its extension. I want to demonstrate the following behaviour:

1. clicking on the row (everywhere except the checkbox) will open its extension and check its checkbox simultaneously

2. clicking on other row will do the same but will also close the extension of the previous row and uncheck it

3. multi-select of rows is possible only by selecting the checkboxes themselves

I managed to do 1+2 by enabling the option called Isolate Selection Groups.
Is it possible to disable this option (Isolate Selection Groups) dynamically while demonstrating my prototype so requirement #3 will be achieved?

I basically want to mimic the behaviour of Dropbox’s tables (if you familiar with it).


Not quite sure what you mean by “open an extension” but I assume this means showing some hidden content within the row. If so, you should be able to achieve all three of your goals. I think the best approach would be to disable the Isolate Selection Groups option and create a Selection Group for the main content but no selection group for the checkboxes. Use the Selected event of the main content to show extension and select the checkbox. Use the Unselected event to hide extension and unselect checkbox. Because the main content is part of a selection group only one can be selected, and because the selection groups are not isolated in the repeater, multiple checkboxes will be selectable.

I tried this (first, with now repeater at all) but the checkboxes are cancelling each other’s rows. can you demonstrate your suggestion in the file attached?

rows.rp (49.9 KB)

Give this a shot. I included explanation of my solutions on the pages. Since your demo file did not have a repeater, I added a Page 2 to show a solution for a repeater, which must use a little different logic than the separate widget groups you have on your Page 1. I didn’t realize this at first, but the upshot is you cannot assign a Selection Group to your row widgets because rule 3 states that multiple rows may be selected at one time, and the purpose of a Selection Group is to limit selection to only one group member at a time.

rows.rp (93.8 KB)

it worked well on a repeater with few rows. thanks!