Toggle state change

I want to define the toggle as below I need help.

if table 01 toggle button: state on
= table 02 toggle button: state off

if table 02 toggle button: state on
= table 01 toggle button: state off

if table 01 toggle button and 02 toggle button: state off
= table 03 toggle button: state off

Specific solutions will depend on how you have represented your toggle buttons and their states. If you need specific help, it is best to upload your .rp source file so users here can look at it and show you solutions.

In general, some common ways to represent toggle buttons are with selection states (Selected, Unselected) or dynamic panels with multiple states (e.g., State 1 and State 2, or “Off” and “On”).

With selection states, you can style your button widgets for Unselected (normal default, or “off”) and Selected (“on”) views. Then you can set each to the same selection group name so that only one can be selected at a time. Selecting any button (clicking a toggle on) will automatically unselect the rest (turning them all off.) No special Interaction code required, other than setting “Selected to true” in the Click or Tap event of each button.

You can also do this in Axure with dynamic panels and “conditional logic”. Here is the reference to learn more:

So, if your toggle buttons are dynamic panels, you can set up conditional logic for “table 01 toggle button” with a few Cases:
IF state of Toggle1 equals On Set Panel State of Toggle2 to Off
ELSE IF state of Toggle1 equals Off AND state of Toggle2 equals Off Set Panel State of Toggle3 to Off

If this is not making sense to you, it is best if you can upload your .rp file or link to example showing what you need to achieve.