Too little visual feedback when deselecting item

When multiple items are selected the visual feedback is to liitle when deselecting one item, especially for circles and text. At the moment the border thickness changes only a little bit.
Only if you move the mouse away from the object, you can see better that the element is no longer selected,

This makes the selection of several elements (e.g. for grouping) very tedious.
The difference between selected and not selected should be even clearer. For example, by a different frame color or by displaying and not displaying selection points.

In Axure 8, the problem does not exist because no border is displayed during MouseOver.

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I agree with this. I keep thinking that I have multiple items selected I can’t tell what is and isn’t selected. At least the mouse-over color should be different… or even better let me choose the color in preferences for selected items and mouse over.