Tracing Dependendies

Is there a way in Axure to see if interaction logic exists that references a particular object? For example, I have a dynamic panel with 3 states. I only know of logic that sets the state for two of those states. Is there a way to uncover where there maybe logic that sets the third state? Another example is that I have page5 for which I don’t think there is any logic to display it. Is there a way to uncover an interaction somewhere else in the project that references page5?

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The only way I’ve done something like this is to show the Trace panel (in the web browser while running the prototype) and then do a page search (using the brower’s search) to look for the name of this dynamic panel in the trace window.

Thanks. That doesn’t get me what I need but I will definitely use that for other scenarios. In my current case, I want to find if any functions references what I think is an orphaned object. If not, I’ll delete the object. In your case, it’s showing where the object was referenced after it was referenced. Not the same but still useful.