Transfer a subset of repeater entries to another repeater

Hi all,

In my dataset there are 3 hotels with the IDs 01 to 03. Every hotel has 5 different offer IDs.
So there are dirfferent offers for every hotel.

Example with 2 offer_ids:
Hotel ID — Hotel name ---- offer_id
01 ______ xyz Hotel ____ 1
01 ______ xyz Hotel ____ 2
02______ abc Hotel ____ 1
02______ efg Hotel ____ 2
03______ efg Hotel ____ 1
03______ efg Hotel ____ 2

In my main repeater I show only the offers with the offer_id = 1.
I’ve done that with a simple AddFilter functionalty.

So the result looks like:
Hotel ID — Hotel name ---- offer_id
01 ______ xyz Hotel ____ 1
02 _____ abc Hotel _____ 1

What I want to achieve now is, if I choose the row with the ID = 01 (e.g. by clicking a button)
I want to transfer this entry with all the other “hidden” offers, that have the same hotel_id to another repeater on a second page:

Hotel ID — Hotel name ---- offer_id
01 ______ xyz Hotel ____ 1
01 ______ xyz Hotel ____ 2

Is something like this even possible with Axure?

Thanks a lot!

repeater_test_hotelnames.rp (420.4 KB)

Hi joele,

Yep! The easiest way would actually be to make a duplicate of the original repeater on the second page and then filter the second repeater using global variables. If I were to click on the first “01” button with “Antique Motel”, for example, I could set the value of the OnLoadVariable equal to “[[Item._id]]”, and OnPageLoad of the second page, add a filter to the _id column to match the value of the OnLoadVariable.

I’ve edited your file to demonstrate this. Lmk if you have any questions!

repeater_test_hotelnames_EDIT.rp (440.2 KB)

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