Transfer from repeater to repeater

The idea is to transfer rows in one repeater to another using checkboxes. I found an example that works well by utilizing “update rows”, but it doesn’t use a checkbox to implement this action. THE PROBLEM is the checkbox will not go into a selected state. I believe there’s a conflict with the update rows and enabling the selected state of the checkbox. Does anyone have an idea how to enable the checkbox?

Live Example

RepeaterTransfer.rp (131.7 KB)

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Hows about something like this?

RepeaterTransfer.rp (130.9 KB)

I’ve always found that Updating Rows was a pain in the butt to use. It tends to refresh the repeater thus resetting your checkboxes. Instead, I’m using Marked Row for some of the heavy lifting.

I have also assigned an Interaction the square shape UNDER the checkbox in each repeater. When the interaction is fired it transfer that row to the other Repeater.


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That’s great. Thank you.