Translucent Panel - Bug?

In this simple project, the Dynamic Panel is ever-so-slightly translucent - you can clearly see the rectangle and circle that lie behind it.

However, as far as I can tell, there are no opacity attributes on this panel which could cause this.

  • is this a bug?
  • if not, what is causing this slight transparency?

Issue - Transparent Dynamic Panel.rp (44.9 KB)


I don’t see any transparency in either Chrome or Safari. What browser are you using?


You can see in design mode too - if you look into the gray, you can make out the square and circle underneath:

Hi again -

I missed it the first time because it was so subtle, but I’m able to see and duplicate it now.

You can’t set the opacity of a DP (which is silly, since you can do it through code), and the color you specify for the background of the current DP specifies no transparency. So this looks like it’s a bug of some kind.

You should contact They are normally very quick to respond.

Yes, I’ve sent them the file. Nothing yet.

Funny thing is, I can’t reproduce this from scratch in a new file. The “faulty” dynamic panel can be cut-and-pasted into new projects to demonstrate the bug (like the project I posted) - but a new panel from scratch seems OK.

I wonder how this panel got ‘damaged’ ? :slight_smile: