Tree Widget - still no styling?

Trying to use the tree widget in Axure 9 – frustrating to see that it hasn’t been fixed at all. This widget would be great if you could actually style it. Why even bother providing line height and padding if they don’t work? Is there any work around for this? Or maybe plans in place to fix it for real?

Also, consider allowing the entire line the node is on to be style - height, width, fill, border, text, line-height, the full works. The current set up is so limiting, makes it really hard to use the widget, and it could provide alot of value.


Actually this is another of the long list of stuff not yet improved. I mean Axure is so powerful…

Could you tell me where to add tree node in rp 9, I can’t find it either in style or interactions.
Thank you!

I just find it on a single right mouse click O_o
I need some time to adapt to rp 9.

I can’t make a simple line space between categories?

Hi, and thanks for posting about this! Currently, Tree widgets in Axure RP do not provide padding between the widget’s nodes. However, I can see how this would be useful while prototyping, and I have gone ahead and submitted a feature request for this for our team to further review.

I hope this helps, and please write in to us at if you happen to come across any additional features you would like to see added to Axure RP.

Best wishes,
Axure Customer Support

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