Trigger Action from within a Master to Show/Hide widgets/groups outside the master

Hi there,

I have a modal with multiple masters as content blocks. They are effectively forms and labels. But i made them masters as i have to use same arrangement in different pages/modals.

I want to be able to show / hide other group / master (outside this master) when a user change the droplist selection.

I read some points for raised events, but could not get what i needed.

and i hope my question is clear…

You’re correct, you need to use raised events.

In your master, on the event that you want to trigger the action, add a raised event. For example, if you have a droplist in your master, you might add a raised event to the OnSelectionChange event and give it a name. You can even add multiple, conditional cases with different raised events depending on which option is selected.

If selection is Option 1
Raise event OptionOneSelected

If selection is Option 2
Raise event OptionTwoSelected

Now when you place your master on the page, you’ll see two events on your master: OptionOneSelected and OptionTwoSelected. Then you can add cases and actions to each event.

Hide widget

Show widget

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Thanks @nkrisc Let me give it a try,