Triggering actions within an inline frame

I have scrolling elements on a page (page 1) within an ‘inline’ frame. The scrolling elements are on another page within the same Axure file (page 2). I need to trigger actions on Page 1 by selecting the scrolling elements while on Page 1.

The short question is… Can I trigger actions on Page 1 from ‘Hot Spots’ on Page 2?

Hmmmm… You could set a global variable, switch to page 1, then have an onload look at the global variable and do something on page 1 based on that variable…? This may be a reason to combine your pages into one, and use a Dynamic panel to simulate the page changes (two states, Page 1 and Page 2) Then you could easily make changes to Page 1 state, the show the state in the panel.

Does this help?

Hi Emgee,

I want to apologise for the delay in getting back to you. I have spent a considerable amount of time trying to understand how variables work and how to apply them as you have suggested. Unfortunately I was unsuccessful.

Just so you are aware my motivation for setting this file up over two pages was to achieve the scrolling feature of the inline frame. If you know of another way of doing this on the one page I would greatly appreciate any advice you can offer.

I have tried applying the buttons and the elements on the same page, but I was unable to control the lateral movement of content reflected within the inline frame as it was reflecting the entire page width. I couldn’t find any way to control this.

I have attached a file containing two folders. 1. showing the example of the interaction required (Examples of Required Interaction) on the one page, the other showing a scenario that I am trying to apply (Inline Frame Approach) across two pages. Are you able to provide any further information on whether I can control the elements as shown in the (Examples of Required Interaction) while incorporating the scrolling feature of the inline frame.

Again, any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks

PeterInline Frame Button Example.rp (138.1 KB)


I am not totally clear on what you are looking for, but take a look at the new page on your file that I added… I am using Dynamic panels to contain your buttons.
Let me know.

Inline Frame Button Example.rp (227.7 KB)

Hi FerrisParris!

I’ve taken a look at your project file, and I wanted to let you know that this white wall is appearing because the “layout” page’s inline frame is not hiding as the “scrollingContent”’s content is hiding.

To make it so that the “layout” page recognizes that the global variable has changed from “true” to “false”, you will have to set an interaction to repeat until the variable’s value has changed. For example, you could create a OnShow interaction for your “kommentare scrollen” dynamic panel that uses conditional logic. If the “OnLoadVariable’s value equals “true”, the Wait action can be used, and then the Fire Event can be used to fire the OnShow interaction once again. You could then have a second “IF” action for the dynamic panel, where the dynamic panel is hidden if the OnLoadVariable equals “false”. This will make it so that the shown dynamic panel is checking after every second to see if the variable’s value has changed.

While this interaction can work, it is not the most optimal solution because the OnShow interaction has to fire so frequently and at a set time (every second).

If the scrolling content is placed directly into a dynamic panel on the page, you will be able to show and hide the content without using a global variable or the repeated raised events.

I’ve attached an edited file where the layout page has been modified to accommodate both options.

ZumVersenden_edited.rp (120.3 KB)

I hope this helps!