Trouble w/ Mobile Accordion Menu

I’m trying to incorporate an accordion menu into the hamburger icon and seem to be missing something. I have the hamburger icon working where if you tap the icon the menu slides in but when you tap on “Products” the 3rd dynamic panel doesn’t seem to fully display. Furthermore when you scroll, it won’t let a user fully scroll within the 3rd dynamic panel. It wants to try and scroll the homepage still for some reason. Any help is greatly appreciated. DSC_1015_Test3_2018_06_27.rp (3.2 MB)

Hi @JackieZ,

You could use a dynamic panel and make it scrollable

Here, I modify your prototype so the image with product menu is in a scrollable panel:
DSC_1015_Test3_2018_06_27-V2.rp (3.3 MB)