Trouble with decimals

I’m trying to figure out how to add 0.1 to a number, I can add 0.0 + 0.1 = 0.1 and then 0.1+0.1= 0.2 but then when I get to 0.2+0.1 =.3000000000004 and then the next addition maybe correct and after that, the next set would be off and then everything is off from there.


That is annoying behavior! You can use the toFixed() function on the result to guarantee a certain number of decimal places. E.g., for one decimal place:

Set text on (label) to [[ (Target.text + 0.1).toFixed(1) ]]

I have tried the .toFixed as well and still the same issue. I have tried a few different values,

  1. [[var1+0.1]]
  2. [[var1+0.1.toFixed(1)]]
  3. [[var1+1/10.toFixed(1)]]

[[(var1+0.1).toFixed(1)]] solved the issue.

Thanks for all your help

More info if you’re interested:

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