Trouble with firing OnClick event

i have made my first prototype with the latest release of Axure RP v8.0.0.3323
In a page, i have put some rules on one particular dynamic panel relative to OnLoad event

these rules check a variable value (conditions) which was set on the previous page
if the condition matches => then it fires an Click event on one hotspot
simulating the click event (so that implies hiding, showing… elements on the page)

Everything works fine on Preview
FireFox (v 50.1.0 on mac OSX 10.11.6 )
as it seems to work as well on Chrome

But on AxureShare : looks like the event ‘onClick’ is not fired on the hotspot

It does not work either on the same iphone with Safari or Chrome instead of the Axure Share app

in fewer words
Onclik fired event is done on my computer
but not on the smartphone
when this OnClick is fired after/by a OnLoad event

here a basic test (last row works on preview on the mac, but does not on iphone)


Hi Lionel, welcome to the forums!

I’ve been able to reproduce this behavior on my end, and this is looking like a bug to me. It seems that Fire Event actions under the OnPageLoad event and widget OnLoad events don’t fire OnClick events correctly on mobile devices.

I’ve filed this with our QA department for further investigation, but in the meantime a workaround would be to copy your target OnClick event and paste its actions onto your target OnLoad event. Duplicating the actions this way should get things working for you until we have a fix in place.

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What’s the status of this bug?

I’ve got the same problem here and I’m trying to trigger it from inside OnItemLoad of a repeater element.

The recommended workaround is a challenge because the OnClick of my repeater item has many cases and actions dynamically reference values from the item’s data table.

Hi manxomfoe,

It doesn’t look like there are updates on this bug yet, but I’ll be logging your recent comments with our QA team.

Since this bug is specific to “Fire Event” targeting an “OnClick” event, would it be possible to move or paste the existing OnClick actions into an unused event of the target widget (perhaps the OnMove or OnMouseUp)? You could then use a Fire Event action or Move (by 0,0) action to target that alternate event case. Creating stand-in hot spot widgets may also be helpful with organizing the various actions in each repeater item.

That being said, please don’t hesitate to follow up with a copy of your RP file and we can definitely include that for our QA team’s reference as we evaluate. Thank you!

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Appreciate the update, and the recommendation for a workaround.

I did find another approach that was functional.

My path duplicated the actions for OnCick into the OnLoad of the same element. It was fast/easy because the paste was the same context and it lost none of the references. I suspected OnLoad would be more reliable in firing when I wanted it to, and added the condition If “[[Item.isMarked]]” equals “true” :slight_smile: Then in my repeater, instead of telling it to Fire OnClick when [[Item.isFirst]] within OnItemLoad, I replace the Fire with Mark Rows This.

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Just wanted to make another note that I encountered this bug. Hoping it wasn’t forgotten about- this was tricky to track down!

Hi Eddie.Lopez,

Thanks for letting us know–our QA team is still looking into this issue, but I’ll go ahead and update the report to let them know that more users are running into this. In the meantime, the workarounds that Alex and manxomfoe suggested may be the best way around this.

Please don’t hesitate to let us know if you have any other questions!


I am having issues with this as well. Currently, I have an OnClick event with multiple conditions, and I want to fire it when an item is unSelected (in a Dynamic Panel but it’s not that important to the case). My problem is that when I fire the OnClick event on the UnSelected of my widget, it doesnt go trought the conditions and just fires the first case (obviously not the one I want.)

I would love for this to be fixed! Let me know if you need more details!


Hmm, it sounds like you want your OnClick to fire several of the conditional cases, not just one. At the time that the OnClick is triggered, are all of the conditions for each of the conditional cases that you want fired met? If so, then do the conditional cases that aren’t firing set to “Else If true” instead of “If true”? If this is the case, then after the first “If true” case is met and fires, the following “Else If True” cases would fail to fire. You can toggle between the two by right-clicking the case and choosing “Toggle IF/ELSE IF”. Hope that helps! If you still run into issues then feel free to post the affected file so that we can take a look, or email it to if it’s private.

I think I may be encountering this bug too - I’m using OnPageLoad to trigger a series of OnClick events on an iPad Pro and nothing’s happening.

Is there a status update for this bug?

Hi AndrewUX,

No updates yet, but I’ll let our QA team know that you’re still running into this issue on your iPad Pro.

In the meantime, did the approach Alex suggested in his above post help at all? He mentioned moving your OnClick actions over to an unused event of the target widget (e.g. OnMove) and then using the Fire Event action to trigger that event case instead as a potential workaround. Let us know if you have any questions about implementing this into your file!

Yes, that did work.


I am trying to use firing for a repeater which only allows for the OnLoad event, so the suggestion to use another interaction is not possible (I would if I could). Hoping someone can suggest a workaround for repeaters.

Tried to put the Interactions on the container’s OnSwipeLeft which is a Dynamic Panel, then call that from a Fire event, which did not work.

Solved my Issue
Solved my own issue by using Open Reload in Current Window. Because I use Global Variables to save the view details from page to page, the OnLoad event for all my elements re-evaluate. Fortunately, the element that reloads the page is not part of the navigation element so it’s not a big annoyance.