Trouble with selection groups


I am having trouble with selection groups. I have created a left nav menu in my prototype and made it a master. Each menu item has been assigned a selection group. The selection group works, but not when I link to a page.

For example, the first link here in the left. nav, “Gross Sales” does not stay selected once the new page refreshes. What gives?

Master’s can’t “remember” actions taken on one page and recreate them on another. Only global variables can transfer values between pages. The nav menu on the new page has no idea what was clicked on the previous page so it just loads whatever the master’s defaults are. Each page needs some way of telling the nav menu, “Set this specific thing to selected.” There’s several ways you could go about doing this.

You could use a global variable and set the master’s OnLoad event to check it and set the appropriate selection.

Since each menu item has its own page, you can just “hard-code” the selection and have each page set a specific item on load.

If your page names exactly match the text on the menu items, you could set each menu item to check and see if the page name matches their text. If it does, it set’s itself to selected. This is the simplest method because each item uses the exact same logic.

Thanks Huban,

I don’t know how I forgot this requires onload interactions.

Hey. It happens to us all from time-to-time. :smile: