Trying to create feature like Amazon reporting


I am trying to create a feature like Amazon reporting:

There is one drop-down on left corner with data such as month of the year. And on the right corner a check box.
Interaction for checkbox

  • if selected - screen will show how many prime orders were dispatched to this customer
  • if not selected - screen will display all the orders in a respective month includes prime and non- prime.

User will have an ability to choose any month from the drop-down. For example if the user selects January month from left top corner drop-down, data displayed everything dispatched to the customer. When user click check-box on the top right corner user will see only items which were sent through prime. And in case checkbox is already selected and user change the month from the drop down to March, the user should be able to view items dispatched during the month of March using prime only.

This check box must have an ability to toggle on/ off the data.

Kindly help.


From the sound of it, you’re looking to control which orders display based on which month is selected and whether or not the checkbox to display “Prime” orders is selected. For this, a repeater widget may do the trick; if you store your order information in a repeater dataset then you can take advantage of the “Filter” capability of repeater widgets to apply filters to the repeater that show just orders for a specific month, orders that are “Prime” orders, or orders that are both “Prime” and fall under a specific month. Our repeater page and repeater filtering tutorial should help with that:

The archived Axure RP 8 tutorials page also has an advanced filtering tutorial that shows how you can apply compound filters (which would handle filtering for a specific month and filtering by “Prime” orders:

The sample above uses a text field to filter, but you would apply the filter via your checkbox instead. Hopefully that helps!

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