Trying to Create Navigation using Tree Widget

I created a Tree widget. I want to control a dynamic panel as I click through the child nodes. Naturally, the clicked node would show a selected state, and then that node would be “un-selected” when I click another node, etc.

It seems tree widgets cannot be in a selection group.

Without lots of jerryrigging with variables and events- how to do most efficiently?

I don’t NEED a tree- I could “convert” all my tree nodes into buttons or text links if needed but that amount of work might outweigh the jerryrigging.


Hi @brianjrosen

The nodes in a tree work as a selection group themselves: the one you click becomes selected and un-selects the others.

To control a dynamic panel just add an OnClick action to each node pointing to the panel state that you want to show.

In the attached example, the dynamic panel is hidden when clicked on the father node, and set visible and to a different state clicking on each child node. The child nodes also have a “selected” interaction style:

tree and dynamic panel.rp (58.6 KB)

THANK YOU @lastmonkey

I wish Axure mentions that the tree widget has the “selection grp” capability out of the box in their docs.

I’ll give it a go.