Trying to display an alert at the top of the browser window

So I’m mocking up a screen where a payment submission button is a little farther down the screen. What I’m trying to achieve is having an alert slide down from the top of the browser window, hesitate for a couple seconds, then slide back on out of there. The animations and creation of the alert are no problem. But does anyone know how to affix it to be at the top of the browser window rather than the top of the screen I"m designing?

The problem I’m running into is currently I can only affix it to the top (or just off so it slides down like I want) of the canvas I’m working on but the alert isn’t visible when I’m scrolled down interacting with the button that triggers it. If I could get it to position based on browser window, then regardless of how far down the page I’m scrolled, I’d still see it.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hi @jdaniel,

Do you know the dynamic panel settings “Pin to browser”?

If I understood well your issue, it should solve it:

Here a mockup of the behaviour:
Alert pin to browser.rp (46.8 KB)

Hope it will help,

thank you so much! i honestly never saw that option… but that fixed it!

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