Turn Pages into Masters

Hi there
Is there a proper way to convert pages into masters including all interactions?
Thanks Chris

For an existing page, select everything (Ctrl+A), right-click the selection and choose Create Master (Shift+Ctrl+Alt+M). For a whole page, I recommend right-clicking the Master in the MASTERS panel and choosing Drop Behavior > Lock to Master Location. Or, you can start by clicking the Add Master button (little [+] icon at upper right of MASTERS pane) which will give you essentially a “blank page” to start composing. To add this “Master Page” you would add a new page in the PAGES panel (same [+] icon button in this panel, or Ctrl+Enter) and then drag your Master onto the page. Note you can nest Masters as well as “break away” to make page-unique changes.

Is there a specific problem you’re seeing, or interaction which is not working in a Master?

Here is the Axure documentation on Masters:

Thanks for the hint.
My problem is with the page interactions. They don’t get copied, whatever I try.
Workaround: I have copied the interactions to a dummy widget.
Doesn’t work with OnScroll though.