Typing in text box triggers toolbar shortcuts

At random times, typing into the text box triggers a loss of focus and the toolbar control shortcuts to be engaged instead.

For example, typing the word “Hello” into a box causes the letter H to be typed, then the Connect tool to be enabled, then the Line tool, then the Oval tool. The only fix is to quit Axure and restart. This using a traditional Apple Extended Keyboard and USB mouse.

Did you ever get a fix for this? This keeps happening to me as well.

Bumping in hopes of getting it seen by someone at @axure as this happens multiple times a day.


Send this info to support@axure.com. They respond pretty quickly. (It’s also helpful to post it here of course.)

I’m getting the same issue in RP10. I’m on a mac. OS 10.14.4. Trying to type word “Active” into a box as content but every time I type “t” it looses focus and triggers the t-shortcut which opens new text tool. Even happens in the text tool so no way to have the letter t as actual text… lol