Unable to add space between words while dynamically adding a row to the repeater

Hello There,

I am adding a row to a repeater on click of a button. The problem here is, while I am able to add a row with the intended text, I am unable to add space between the words.

For Example: I am adding the text "This a test message " with a space between “a and test”. Even though there is a space between the word, it doesn’t reflect when the row is added.

Need help here. Please find the attached RP fileRepeater-Add row with a space between words.rp (49.1 KB)

You can use unicode characters like \u00A0

Repeater-Add row with a space between words_edit.rp (49.2 KB)

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If you’re trying to force it to wrap to a new line you can also insert newline characters like so:

This is a[["\n"]]test message

For multiple spaces use praveen’s method above.


This works magic Praveen. Thank you so much

This works. But Ideally the space should have been taken without adding the regular expression. I hope Axure addresses this in the upcoming version. The solution is quite a hack.

Yes it’s not clear why they’re stripping extra whitespace from what you put in there.

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