Unable to build a condition to know when user press alt+K in Axure 8

I am trying to build a condition in Axure 8 to know when the user press alt+k, but I am not able to enter alt+k in the condition builder. The builder does not allow me to enter anything after alt. is this a known issue in Axure 8? Uppercase/Lowercase K, it doesn’t make a difference. It won’t accept anything after the act.

Please help

You need to add a second condition for ‘k’. Hit the green plus sign on the right.

You already have ‘satisfy’ set to ‘all’ so that should be all you need to do.

See if that works.

No, sorry, I just tried it and it didn’t work. That was a good idea thou

Recently, I posted a demo showing how to detect two keys pressed down at once:

Here is a version for RP8, along with attempts to apply this to Alt+K (spoiler alert: it didn’t work)
key_up_down RP8.rp (131.3 KB)

Looks like adding a second condition for ‘key pressed’ never works as a single key value only is detected. Even for combination keys (Shift, Ctrl, Alt) a single value is detected, e.g., Ctrl+K. I only just now noticed the hint help for ‘key pressed: key value’ actually reads, "Press a key or combination of keys to set the value’. …Only it does not accept the Alt key as one of those combos in RP8. Now, in RP9 it does, but it may not behave the way you expect, as it looks like the browser (or OS?) treats an Alt keypress like an escape sequence, so once the Alt key is pressed down, no other key presses or releases are detected–by Axure at least. So, in RP8 it looks impossible to detect Alt+K, and in RP9 it might work once per page only (or at least until the Esc key is later pressed–this appears to clear the Alt sequence.) You may be able to override this via javascript or CSS.

Thank you for the explanation. I don’t know enough Java script to override this. Until I upgrade to 9, I guess I’ll have to use a different key combination (like Ctrl+k).