Unable to Create Dynamic Panel using keyboard Shortcuts

I am unable to create a dynamic panel using the keyboard shortcut:
Left Ctrl + Left Shift + Left Alt + ‘D’

I havent changed any keyboard preferences. In previous versions i used to create the DP using this same aforementioned key combination. Can anyone provide any solution or has encountered this same issue?

However, i discovered, that i am able to create the dynamic panel using the following key-combinations:
Left Ctrl + Left Shift + Left Alt + Right Ctrl (press and release) + ‘D’ …

This addition of the new keypress and release i.e. Right Ctrl, allows me to create the dynamic panel.
All the other keyboard shortcuts are working properly, such as the short cut for creating a Master:
Left Ctrl + Left Shift + Left Alt + ‘M’ …

Please provide any solutions for the same.