Unable to duplicate team project

I have created a team project both on local and on axure share. I am trying to create a duplicate copy of the same prototype project to keep an original version of the prototype and make changes to the copied prototype project to do AB testing. However i am not sure how to go about doing it as the duplicate function on axure share is disabled.

I would just export the team project (In Axure, File > Export Team Project to File), then follow the prompts to open that exported file. Create a new team project (Team > Create Team Project from Current File…) and give it a new name. Now you have a duplicate Team Project (both locally and on Axure Share, of course.)

That’s usually what I do as well. However, I’m starting to write a bunch of custom plugins that have to be hosted on Axure Share. Exporting Team Project scrubs all that stuff out so it has to manually be reentered.

Other than a series of copy/paste jobs, any idea how to maintain plugins?

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I would love to be able to do this. I have a shared widget library that I want to version, but have a bunch of web fonts and such that I do not want to have to keep adding back in. The export to local and then import is a tedious workaround.

To do that, open your local"copy" and select “File >Export Team Project to File”. When you open the exported RP file, you’ll be able to select “Team>Create Team Project from Current File”, which will create a new ‘‘team’’ ID in the target workspace. Your ‘‘team’’ can then retrieve that new ‘‘team project’’ to continue working.