Unable to edit UI in Dynamic Panel


I am trying to increase the height of a box component inside a dynamic panel that has 3 states. I want to just increase the height of the box component however when I try to edit one state which has a box component I am unable to do so because the height does not increase from the top (Blue outline is there). Can I break away the first state edit the box component and again retain the dynamic panel with all properties or do I need to set conditions again for each of the states of the panel.

If you can up the rp file, we could have a better idea what is going on…

But the Rectangle you mention is not editable within the panel state… it is showing the parent panel size. If you change the size of the dynamic panel, you will see this outline change. If you have a rectangle in the state, you should certainly be able to edit it.

(also, the DP outline will be affected if the setting for Fit To Content is on. Then whatever you put into the panel states will possible change the size of the Dynamic Panel.

Hope this helps, upload RP or images to show more details if you need.

Good Luck!