Unable to make widgets clickable while using a Dynamic Panel


I’m trying to use a header & side bar menus that will be pinned to the screen as a dynamic panel while using some clickable boxes in the page itself.
I’ve tried multiple settings (‘pinned to browser’, ‘Keep in front’, ‘Fit to content’) and always ended up with either unclickable buttons or getting the page content overriding the menus.

I’ve attached the rp file to show what i mean (earnings page).

MyProject.rp (221.0 KB)

Thanks for the help,

Hi @oronk12,
the problem is that you had the horizontal and vertical navigation in one master / dynamic panel. As soon as you render your prototype in the browser the master / dynamic panel behaves like one big layer that covers your complete content area. Which makes it impossible to click under that layer.
I separated the master and unticked the checkbox ‘100% wide’ in the dynamic panel settings and it works now in the earnings page.

Have a great day!

MyProject_edited.rp (225.8 KB)

@dan.adam thank you so much! You saved me :slight_smile:

One more thing -
I saw that you used masters to address my previous issue.
The thing now is that I didn’t manage to set the tabs’ colores to fit the background color after clicking them.

The deisred behaviour is as follows -
After clicking a tab (e.g earning rules, spending rules, etc) I’d like to move to the relevant page while setting the tabs’ colors accordingly.

How can I do so?
I guess it is pretty simple, yet I couldn’t find a solution.

Thanks in advance,

Hi @oronk12,
you have already defined a selected style for the tabs in your file. You can now address this style OnPageLoad and set the tab of your choice to selected.
RP-file: MyProject_edited.rp (227.5 KB)

Thank you so much!