Unable to reset style

Hi there, I work a lot with styles in Axure.

I get that when you modify the properties of a widget that already has a style attributed to it, an asterisk appears next to the style name.

The issue I’m having is when trying to ‘reset’ the style. For example:

[li]I create a style for a widget called ‘My Button’
[/li][li]I then modify the properties of that widget, and an asterisk appears to indicate that I’ve changed the ‘My Button’ style
[/li][li]I want to reset the widget to use the original ‘My Button’ style, so I select the ‘My Button’ style in the Style dropdown

The issue is that sometimes this reverts the style back to how it was, and sometimes it has no effect - the style on the widget remains modified from the original, with an Asterisk next to it.

Even selecting a different style and then selecting ‘My Button’ again doesn’t work.

I know I’m missing something!

Thanks for any help

Hi Matt,

Re-selecting a style from the style dropdown menu will only reset the properties that were overridden on that style (the style properties in the “Widget Style Manager” that are checked).

For example, let’s say you have a “My Button” style that only has fill color checked and set to red in the Style Manager. Changing the fill color of a widget using the My Button style (causing the * to appear next to the style) and then re-selecting My Button from the style dropdown will reset the widget’s fill back to red. However, if you modify a property that wasn’t originally overridden in the My Button style (in this case, every property besides fill color), re-selecting the style won’t reset that property. So if you changed say, the font color of the widget with the My Button style, re-selecting the style from the dropdown won’t reset the font color.

I hope this helps to clarify some of the behavior around this! Please let me know if you have any questions.

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Thanks Simon, I understand the behaviour now.

I did, however, find a work-around. If I select ‘Default’ as the style, it resets any overridden properties, and then allows me to select the My Button style again to ‘reset’ to the orginal My Button style. A bit of a pain if you have a large number of styles and need to scroll up to the top to select ‘Default’ though. Would be nice to have a ‘Reset’ button under the Update button.



Hi Matt,

Thanks for sharing that workaround. I can also definitely see the utility of having a “Reset” button that would revert any changes made to a style and reset it back to its original state–I’ll go ahead and submit a feature request for this to our PM team.

In the meantime, feel free to let me know if you have any other suggestions about some features you’d like to see!


This would be a great little productivity addition to #axure-rp:rp-9-beta.

I don’t understand why the “asterisk” works the way it does. I would only expect to see the asterisk show up when something I changed about the widget is now overriding one of the properties that was defined in the selected style. But instead, it shows up after changing any style option.

Maybe there could be two “style modified” states, e.g. if you override a non-style defined property then you get one asterisk, if you override a style-defined property then you get two. Or something like that.