Unable to upload to Axure cloud massive file size

Hello everyone,

I am working on a project where I am creating a description page for different products which fetches information from repeators. I have 3 different repeators for different products with several variables set for the same. So each repeator is taking up to 150Mb of space and so my file size is exceeding 400Mb. I tried creating a team Project as mentioned in a few Axure posts but I was still not able to upload my file to Axure cloud.

Can someone help me with same? Thank you :slight_smile:

Yeah that sounds for me super weird. Has anybody else experiernced the problem, that repeaters are leading to such an explosion of file size?



Yes, It’s super weird as most posts here say that creating team project will solve the problem but it’s not.

If anybody face same problem and have solution please tell me.

Hi everyone,

If anyone is facing this problem, any help would be appreciated.

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