Unable to view Font Awesome 5 icons in Axure 9 Beta


I’ve followed the directions prescribed here:


and am unable to see my fontawesome 5 icons when publishing (and viewing from a computer that doesn’t have fontawesome installed)

Hi stratosinteractive!

Hmm, if the icons are not showing correctly when publishing or when viewing on a computer that does not have the font installed, it’s possible that the web font settings aren’t working correctly. Could you please confirm that that this font is added to your project’s Web Font’s section, found by navigating to “Publish > Generate HTML Files" and select the "Web Fonts” section. If no web font information has been entered, please try following the instructions found on the font library’s site for adding the web font. If the web font information has already been entered but the font is still not previewing correctly, could you please send a screenshot of your Web Fonts section? This could help to further troubleshoot this issue.

I hope this helps!