Unclickable interactions when dynamic panel is in a Component


I have a navigation element on my page. This consist of main menu items an submenu items that appear in an panel beneath the main menu item it belongs to. A normal navigation you can say. Its a top horizontal navigation bar.
The main menu is a singel state and in that state I made sub states (so not other states of the main one) for al the sub menu’s. This reserves space for the submenus. So the total dynamic panel is a large blok that is higher then the navigation bar itself, because it reserves space for the downward out folding sub menu items.

Here’s the problem. If I place this on an empty page, and ad say a button just below the navigation, in the area where them sub menus will fold out too, and I place it to the top of the “Outline”(elements) pane. Then the button is clickable.

If I make a component of that entire menu, whit its dynamic panels, etc., place that on an empty page, with the same button, then the button isn’t clickable.

Why is this?
How can I fix this?

Many thanks, ive been working on it four hours, but can’t get it to work :slight_smile:

Without actually seeing your file it’s hard to say, but it sounds like your component is in a dynamic panel that is set to automatically resize if something inside it would make it bigger (showing a hidden widget, for example).

If that panel resizes and is over another widget it will “cover” it even if the dynamic panel looks empty.

If you move the button to the very top of the z-order, does it still get blocked?

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I understand, whitour seeing it its hard to judge.
But I managed to fix it. My Component was nested inside another component some how. That created the issue.

Thanks for your tips!