Underline Menu Items on Page Load

Hi all,

I am having difficulty having with underline navigation menu items when the related page loads. I have tried to set interaction styles on selected to Underline, but when I preview it, it doesn’t underline. And when I try to set the specific item to underline using Pageload, it does so for every page, not just the one page I would like.

I am using RP 8. Attached is my current file, which contains both a menu version of my navigation as well as one I tried using link buttons.
knowledge house.rp (85.5 KB)


The master (that you are using for the nav) has its own OnPageLoad handler. You can use conditional logic based on the keyword PageName, which gives you the name of the current page.

OnPageLoad handler of your navigation master:

[INDENT]IF (value) [[PageName]] equals About
[INDENT]Set Selected of “About Nav Link” to True
Else IF (value) [[PageName]] equals Partner With Us
Set Selected of “Partner Nav Link” to True[/INDENT][/INDENT]


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Thanks, that worked perfectly. I appreciate your help.

Hello, can you explain this better, what the INDENT means,
I have a beginner level so I don’t understand much thanks

Oh! That [Indent] syntax used to work on the forums before the UI update. It was a formatting tag: all it did was perform indentation. (I guess they overlooked/triaged this when they transferred all the posts to the new system.) INDENT is NOT part of the expression.

Try this instead

  IF (value) [[PageName]] equals About
      Set Selected of "About Nav Link" to True
  Else IF (value) [[PageName]] equals Partner With Us
      Set Selected of "Partner Nav Link" to True