Unexped hover behavior

Hi guys,

we recently started using axure over here and i came to a problem(bug?) i couldn’t fix.

Here is an example of what im talking about: hover.rp (96.0 KB)

First row shows the wanted behavior of thar item, on the left side the 6 forms are the targets of onMouseIn and onMouseOut while on the right side the groups of shape and background square are targets. I used those events since onMouseHover seems to be dealied.

Note that the left side bugs if you hover over it again.

Now when i use the 2 options in the menu that i build the left one still bugs like expected but the right one doesnt use the show / hide animations.

What am i doing wrong here?

My goal is to have the behavior of the item when groups are the targets even if the item is in my menu.



Does someone have any ideas?

It looks like you are sending an OnClick event over to the panel inside the menu. However, the panel inside the menu is waiting for a mouse in or mouse out event, so it does nothing. You need to change the event you’re firing.


thanks for the reply but tbh i don’t get what you mean.
Do you mean the left or the right menu?

What do you mean with “…so it does nothing”? Both menus do something but both are buggy. Left one changes position of the icons, right one has no show/hide animations.