Update a row in a repeater

I’ve built this prototype but I’m struggling with one last bit. This is the online version:


To see what I’m trying to do…

  • Click the love heart
  • Select “Places I have visited”
  • Choose a date
  • Enter anything into the notes
  • Click “Save”

On the screen that comes back…

  • Click the “edit” icon (Marks that row, sets a couple of variables for date and notes, opens the edit panel and sets the text according to the variables)
  • Change the date
  • Change the notes
  • Click “Save” (Updates the marked rows according to LVAR1 (text on widget Edit Date) and LVAR2 (text on widget Edit Notes)

The date gets updated but the notes go to blank. But I’m sure I’ve done the same thing for the update on the date and the notes. I’ve deleted it and recreated it but I can’t work out what I’m doing wrong.

Weirdly, it does seem to be updating the repeater. It’s when it displays back again that it leaves the notes blank. If I then go back to the first page, click on the heart and add a new visit then it displays both visits with the edited text from the first one I edited. Or if I delete a row then the notes come back again. Just not when I save after an edit

Ok, hands up, it was me being a muppet. When I create and display a row, I hide the notes field and then show it again pushing the widgets below due to the dumb bug in Axure where it doesn’t resize fields based on their length when you add a row. I had a “show” on the create row function but forgot to add it on the edit row function.

All fixed now!