Update repeater details from one repeater to another


In the attached example I need to copy the milestone details (ontexchange) in the top repeater to the second repeater for the equivalent row. This is a simplified example of what I’ll need to do across multiple repeaters in different accordions.

RepeaterQuestion.rp (211.4 KB)



Hi Geraint,

Hmm, if you’d like for the info in the row of one repeater to be copied to a widget in the corresponding row in another repeater, then you can use the Update Rows action to update the row in the second repeater that matches the index of the updated row in the first:

In the attached example, I created a new “Milestone” column in your second repeater, and used the Update Rows action to update that column to store the text from the text field you’re typing in (i.e., [[This.text]]). Since the Update Rows action operates by the rule [[Item.index == TargetItem.index]], only the row with the same index as the one you’re updating in repeater 1 will get updated in repeater 2.

Hopefully that helps!RepeaterQuestion EDIT.rp (211.3 KB)

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Hi Alyssa,

Awesome, thank you so much!!!