Update Row in Repeater Missing "This"

When updating rows of a repeater in Axure 8, there are three options to choose from: This, Rule, Marked. Axure 9 Beta is missing “This”.

I’m trying to update my repeater in Axure 9 Beta using the method I usually employ in Axure 8, however, since “This” is missing, the repeater redraws the entire “OnItemLoad” interaction (verified in my console) and does not update the row based on the local variable I have set.

To clarify, aside from being in Axure 9 Beta, I’m following the methods laid out in this help documentation, which describes how to update a row in a repeater.


I’m seeing the “This” option for repeaters, as expected. I’m guessing the context around where you’re building the interaction might explain for what you’re seeing, and why it’s different than what I’m seeing. Can you please share your RP file so that we can look into it? You can post it here, or email it to support@axure.com.


Thank you for your message, Rachel. Unfortunately the RP file has proprietary information on it so I cannot share. I can verify that none of the repeaters in my Axure 9 Beta file are showing the “This” option. I even tried creating a fresh page within the file that uses a simple repeater (with no other interactions) with a single column. When trying to use the “Update Row” interaction on this repeater, I still do not see “This” as an option.

Could you create a new file that uses the same structure, and send that over? I’m seeing “This” as an option under “Update Rows” being available for the OnItemLoad event of a repeater as well as an OnClick for a widget in a repeater row. I’m in build 3622.

The way you just described it revealed the problem to me. I’m trying to update a repeater using text fields and a button that are outside of the repeater (but on the same page). So of course “This” isn’t showing, because I’m not in a repeater. Thank you for revealing that.

So now my question is how do I update a repeater based on text fields and a button outside of it?

@Rachel, are you able to assist with this or point me to a place that explains it in the existing forums or help documentation? I’ve tried looking around.

Oh, great to hear that’s resolved! You can update the repeater based on a rule, instead. For example, if you need to update anywhere in the repeater that column3 is equal to the value in textfield1, you can look for that rule, and then update column3 to reflect the new content from textfield2. An example is attached. Does this show what you were looking to do (ish)?
UpdateRowsfromOutsideRepeater.rp (74.9 KB)

Dear Rachel, I just tried out the example you attached but the values are not being updated. I have the same issue with updating the data in my repeater