Update Rows seems to have no effekt

Hey there,

this is my first topic i needed to open, cus I can’t find any solution for my Problem.
I’m kinda new to Axure and my solutions in my project may be a little strange :stuck_out_tongue:

Here is my Problem:
I’m working with a repeater an try to change a field of the table with “Update Row” sometimes it work, sometimes its just getting skipped.

How it suppose to work:

  1. klick “+Wählen”(choose) insert a entry in the left box and change the right side to “Ausgewählt” (choosen)
  2. by klicking “Austauschen”(swap) on the left the button is highlighted
  3. klick another “Austauschen”(swap) Button on the right to swap the two boxes => the fist selected box on the right changes back to its original state and the other one on the right that should be swaped becomes “Ausgewählt” (choosen)

after the process it should look like this:

The problem: the first box is switched back, the second dont become switched to its alternative state.
I try to do all that through changing flieds in the table of the Repeater but I think sometimes my action becomes skipped and the value of the field don’t change at all.

Could someone help me figure out a solution or give me an hint what im doing wrong?
Is there a way to check Repaeter table fields in preview?
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FWPM-Wahl_save.rp (21.9 MB)

any ideas?
i know this is complex but none of my changes have an effekt :frowning:

Hello @okudo,

Here is what I think is going wrong. I will use your example above to walk through it.

  1. In the case on your Austauschen button, first, the case is Updating the row and setting Selected = “true”. (So, in click #3, you click Austauschen on Advanced Web Applications in the right panel, and it sets Selected = “true” for that row)

  1. Then it sets swap1 = [[Item.nameShort]]. So at this point, swap1 = “Advanced Web Applications”

  2. Then it fires OnResize on Priorität 1… BUT, in step #2, swap1 was set to the [[Item.nameShort]] (Advanced Web Applications), so in these two actions, it sets flow = swap1 (“Advanced Web Applications”), and Sets Priorität 1 to [[flow]].

SO at this point, Priorität 1 = “Advanced Web Applications”.

  1. THEN, you’re Marking the Rows and Updating to False, so I think this is the point where it’s Marking the “Advanced Web Applications” row and setting it back to False again.

I tried re-ordering the actions in the Austauschen button, so the “Update Rows” Set Selected to “true” is happening after everything else, and this seems to work:

Not sure if there is anything else going wrong, but I think that is at least one thing that might be causing the issue.

Also, I added a couple of labels to the repeater, to display the values of Selected and swap. This is what I usually do if I want to see the values of repeater columns while I’m working on debugging:

Here is the modified file: FWPM-Wahl_save_modified.rp (21.9 MB)

Hope that helps!


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omg that’s it? :scream:
just my order? okay i have to chekc out how u debug all this so i can do the same next time :smiley:
Thx a lot! i can finaly finish this project :tada: