Update text on multiple dynamic panel states at once?

Scenario: I have a form field label that changes size and position when the field gets focus. Think material design form style. Large in field label that gets smaller and slides up when field gets focus.

I made the field label a dynamic panel with 2 states – default and onFocus. I’ve added the interactions so it animates as I want. All good so far. Here’s the challenge, I want to make this a widget with a generic label that I can modify.

When I make this form field a widget with this dynamic panel, I don’t have simple way to update the label. I need to open both states and modify the text on each. Not an issue for a simple log in screen, but it becomes time-consuming on long forms.

If this were a static object I could just drag-and-drop, select it and start typing. Is there a way to update the text in multiple states at once? A variable or something?

You could set the text for Label #2 in the OnLoad interaction for Label #1.

OnLoad (of Label 1)
Set text on [[Label2]] to [[This.text]]

Then, whenever the prototype loads up, it will pick up whatever text is on Label 1 and apply it to Label 2 as well.

OR: you could use the name of the widget (the Dynamic Panel), and use it to set the text on both. Then you’d only have to type it once, in the widget’s name field (less typing, but you wouldn’t see it when you’re working in Axure and prototyping, which might be a little confusing).

OnLoad (of the Dynamic Panel)
Set text on [[Label 1]] to [[This.name]]
Set text on [Label 2]] to [[This.name]]

Should work.

Thank you @skb. Yeah, seeing it while working is important. I’m still going to give these a try because I may need this in future.

In Sketch I would make the label a symbols with a placeholder. When I add the symbol to the artboard I can modify the label text in the inspector. And, if I update the symbol style it updates all instances. Can’t seem to make this work in Axure.

Update: @skb, your first suggestion will work for the moment. Again, thank you.