Update to Axure 8 has broken the Style selector

The update to Axure 8 that was released 7/24/19 seems to have broken the style selector.

I use the style selector fairly extensively to help communicate with the developers and to keep my designs consistent. Now when choosing a style, the dropdown just jumbles up into a mess and you can’t tell what you’re selecting.

Also, using the style selector caused the whole program to crash once in the 3 hours I’ve been using the updated version. Anyone else having this problem?



I see the same issue once I begin scrolling it. I only need enough filters to require a scroll (e.g., 20) in order to duplicate the problem. (Mojave 10.14.5, Axure I haven’t crashed this build yet, however.

You may want to report this via support@axure.com, in case they don’t see your post.

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