Update two repeaters at the same time


a) Two repeaters have a same data set
b) Clicking on two different buttons (List & Cards) switches between two views (two repeaters).
c) Clicking “Add” button adds a “random” row from the data set to both the repeaters
d) The added row need to be on the top
e) Clicking on “delete” button shows a popup and clicking on the button in the popup deletes the “same” row from both repeaters

I have achieved this to an extent but I couldnt figure out how to update both repeaters at the same time so that we can switch between two repeaters and look at the same content but in a different view.

Obviously, I am doing some mistake with the variables. I have attached a sample file…Can anyone help?

Thank you!
repeater_updaterows.rp (123.1 KB)

This was actually a super easy fix. All I did was move the action that set the Global Variable value to the top of your case. I’m assuming that the repeater loads one row at a time. So when you set the Global Variable as the last action for a row, that variable carries over to when the next row loads, so your “name” value was one row behind. Does that make sense?repeater_updaterows EDIT.rp (123.9 KB)

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Ah! that makes sense! Thank you @niki_h

But, still the “delete” function doesn’t work! I am unable to figure out how we can mark the same row in both repeaters when clicked on the delete button so that we can delete the rows in both repeaters at the same time?

May be a simple logic, but no luck so far! (wish I were a developer :slight_smile: )

Hi Praveen,
I have fixed your issues.

repeater_updaterows EDIT_fixed.rp (127.3 KB)


It worked! Brilliant!