Updating Repeater values

Hi all,

I apologize in advance if my question was addressed in previous threads, i honestly looked and didn’t find one (im new, perhaps i didn’t get it :))
i have a repeater representing user management table. i need to change the value of a cell as a result of an “onclick” event of a button (which is not a part of the repeater)
I tried to do so via the update rows datasets action through update the column i need to the value i want but i couldn’t make it work - from the console analysis, i see that this event always gets overwritten by the repeaters "onload " and “onItemload” events which come after my onClick event.

I would really appreciate your advice on the correct flow i should implement in this case

Thank you in advance!

Hi -
I’m guessing here … but you’re probably using “Item.ColumnXX…” within the Update Rows: Rule.

Try using “TargetItem.ColumnNameHere…”

Take a look at the quick example file I put together below…hope it helps!


Example-updateRepeater–Button.rp (54.9 KB)

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Thank you for your help. i get the logic and see that it works in your example however i cant seem to make it work for me - il keep looking :slight_smile: