Updating values in a repeater, then calling the same value out to a text field

Hi there sifus,

Sorry if my question is repeated, I tried but couldn’t find the thread that address to my problem.

I have an image object (together with a text field) that can be dragged and dropped.
On dropping the object to the designated area, 2 things will happen:

1. A row will be added to a repeater called “Repeater drop”, which essentially has 3 columns - the x, y coordinates of the dropped location and also a column for image name (reserved for the text field).

2. A screen called “Wizard” will pop up. There will be a text field called “Name” to prompt the user for input and also a button called “Okay” to accept the input. From here, a few things will happen:

Text Changed event of the “Name” field
3a. Update the image name column of the “Repeater drop” in the row that was created in step 1 above

Click or Tap event of the “Okay” button
3b. Set Text on the field that was dropped together with the image by grabbing the value in the “Repeater drop” image name column based on the Text Changed event in step 3a

Here is my problem, I can’t seem to Set Text correctly on the image text field (step 3b). It seems that the image text field is only grabbing the first letter of the user input.

What was desired
What happened after clicking “Okay”

Here is the link to the demo.
Also attached the working rp file
question.rp (102.8 KB)

Any help is highly appreciated !

Your issue is coming from using the “Text Changed” event to update the repeater. A repeater refreshes every time it updates so as soon as you enter a character in the text box, it adds that character to the target row and resets. Use a different event for the Update Row, like the button click and it should work.

question.rp (104.4 KB)