Updating values with in repeater

So once again the repeater widget has not me tired in knots - I have attached a file - what i want to do is overwrite the figures in the AE min column with figure in the SC min column however if there is no figure in the SC min column then the AE min column should not be overwritten with a blank value - I have tried several variation - marking and updating rows as well as setting text and adding another column to hold values within the repeater without displaying them but just cant seem to crack this one, any guidance would be appreciated.

Basically users (AE) start with a blank data set and add values in the AE max cells, this auto populates AE min cells with a % of the AE max value - however a second user (SC) can make a min recommendation in the SC min cell - clicking the “Vol min sync” CTA should overwrite all values in the AE min cell unless the SC min cell is left blank.


CellUpDateTest.rp (72.0 KB)



Hi Sam!

I may be misunderstanding your request, but you could do this by adding conditional logic to the Vol Min Sync button to say if the text on the SC Vol Min text field does not equal “” (blank), then carry out its actions:

This should allow you to overwrite the AE Vol Min text field with the value from the SC Vol Min text field, unless that field is left blank.

I’ve edited your file to demonstrate this. Could you let me know if this gets you closer to what you’re looking for?

CellUpDateTest_EDIT.rp (72.4 KB)