Upload file is possible?

Hi Axure family, I have been using Axure for a long time now for very advanced prototypes. Is it possible to retrieve data from an upload file in a reapeter and be able to manipulate it as you see fit?

For example when I use the INPUT FIELD Widget and I set it to FILE UPLOAD, and I select a file from my computer; Is it possible to be able to use this file in my prototype ??

No. It doesn’t actually upload anything.

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ok thanks bro, hope Axure to perform this feature in the future …

It’s possible, but it seems unlikely to me. Where would the uploaded file be upload to? If it’s hosted on AxShare, I have a hard time imaging that Axure wants to be hosting random files uploaded through prototypes, there’s all kinds of implications for that: security, legal, and otherwise.

If the prototype is not hosted on AxShare but is run locally, then there wouldn’t even be anywhere for the file to be uploaded to anyway since it just runs in the browser.

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Yes I understand your opinion very well, but I take the example of the REPEATER widgets, which allows importing image files, and these images remain dynamically in the local widgets and on AxShare, so I think it is possible to do so but using the REPEATER widgets, well I think …, or am I wrong?

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