Uploading progress / percent not accurate or useful

Since moving to Axure 9, there is no longer a progress indicator when uploading to axure cloud. The percentage shown is no longer accurate and doesn’t seem to update properly.

Instead of a progress bar, it shows “97.95%” or “99.95%” almost immediately, and then never changes, making it impossible to gauge how long it will take. Then after many minutes, suddenly it will say it has finished. This happens regardless of the project file size.


A minor issue perhaps but can be very frustrating especially on a slow internet connection.

Axure version:
OS: macOS Catalina 10.15.7

As a workaround, log into app.axure.cloud in a web browser then find the project and upload from there. Shows detailed upload progress. Would be great if this displayed when publishing through Axure app. thanks

Looks like this was a bug that got fixed. In the latest version ( the percent uploaded displays correctly.


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