URGENT question about linking


Trying to link out to a new tab and somehow it’s not working. I have to show this to a client this afternoon. Please help. Attached is my file structure. I think I have it right but it doesn’t work. What am I missing.

The exported file structure isn’t normally relevant here.

What is actually happening? What does “not working” mean exactly? Nothing happens? It opens in the same window?

sorry - it says it can’t find the page

I see now you’re not linking to an Axure page.

That means the path to the page is probably incorrect. I would double check that. How are you running your prototype? From generated file? From Preview? From AxShare?

  • From AxShare: You’ll need to host the linked page online.
  • From generated files: make sure the path is relative to the location of the output files.
  • From preview: Preview runs your files from a local server, and I’m not sure what it uses as the root, so that makes a relative path more difficult. Additionally in this case you can’t use the file:// protocol for an absolute path so you’d either need to host it locally over HTTP or somewhere else it can be accessed by HTTP.

I am trying to link out of an axure to an html page of another axure (that is start_c_1.html. That page is is withing a file

axure page goes to HIMSS18launch which is a folder and withing that folder is another folder axure within that is the folder for PopHealth_18 and in that folder is the start page.

In that case you need to check that the path is correct (sorry, don’t have time to do that for you from screenshots).

Alternatively it might just be easier to import that page from the other Axure file into the current one you’re linking from, and then link to it as another page in your Axure file. Much easier.

Use File > Import from RP File… to import the page into your current Axure project.

Thanks for your help, I understand if you don’t have time

I don’t think I should move the page because it’s the start of a whole new axure. I’d have to move that whole axure within the original correct?

What I have is basically a launch page that is launching 5 axure’s. So it doesn’t make sense to me to put them all within the launch axure. That axuer is also launching video’s, and many other things too.

Yeah, I’d agree with you then. That probably won’t work work for what you’re doing.

What I might do is get the full path of the Axure page you’re launching from and compare it to the full path of the target file. Looking at them side-by-side might make it easier to spot if there’s a mistake and make sure you’re using the correct relative path.

That said, if you’re running it all from your filesystem directly (sounds like you are) you could probably use the full path (file://…) to be sure.

thanks again for your help